Five Good Minutes


five good minutesI don’t know about you, but I find meditation a pretty essential part of life these days. It’s the antidote to our multi-tasking, high speed, over-scheduled lifestyles. Just a few minutes a day to stop the clock.

Ironically, I’d love to meditate longer each day, but I’m just too busy. So for me, this little book was a real find. (Actually it was a gift from my wife…).  “Five Good Minutes,” by Brantley and Millstine, advocates meditating within the first few seconds of waking up, before your brain starts for the day, before you become distracted, and hopefully while your mind is still open to receiving new thoughts and ideas. And for me it works….

So imagine the smile on my face when I opened the page to today’s exercise and found this!

Your First Sip of Tea


P.S. The second thing I do religiously each day is…make a pot of tea

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About Author

I grew up in England, so you could say TEA is in my DNA. But it wasn’t so much my tea heritage that lead to The Daily Tea — partly it was business, and partly it was the experience of starting other media projects in Asia; if you do business in China, Taiwan or Japan, tea is omnipresent, and it doesn’t take too long to become a fan. These days, my day, every day starts religiously with a pot of some variety of black — currently I’m trying a variety of Keemun teas from China’s Qi Men district in Anhui province. Evening times, I revert to something non caffeinated, I particularly enjoy Rooibos w/ Lemon Myrtle, or just a plain Chamomile at the end of a tough day…

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