It Happened One Night

Peppermint Tea in French Press

Loose Peppermint Tea in a French Press

Last night I ordered a cup of peppermint tea and was quite surprised to see it arrive in a French Press. I was so enamored, since I make yerba mate every morning in a French Press, that I just had to take a picture to show you!

Of course I was inspired so when I got into the office I made a pot of tea with a Finum Tea Pot and am sitting back sipping a morning brew. Heavenly! Now where’s that honey to make it even healthier?

Finum Pot of tea

Loose Leaf Tea Brewed in a Finum Pot

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I never realized just how much tea and tea paraphernalia I had acquired until I started working at The Daily Tea. Now I celebrate a passion I didn't realize I had. Loose, unsmoked yerba mate, brewed in a French press, starts my day. And I've been brewing my own kombucha since 1994! What tea treasures will I discover next?

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