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207933_1042860519715_8415_nMeet Social Media Guru Jamie Santoro (Social Media & Marketing Editor) at The Daily!

Hi all! Just wanted to tell you about myself and the random array of things you might see me post. When I’m not starving while researching tea recipes I can be found doing a couple things. One, I’m exploring my city with friends. The Daily Tea HQ is right outside Philadelphia (the greatest city on earth, obviously) so adventures in the city come as often as possible. The city of Brotherly Love is filled with some of the best restaurants and attractions (and tea!) in the country. Secondly, as much as I love to get out and explore I’m all for staying in with my other love, good T.V.! Everything from Buffy to Game of Thrones to Friends to Friday Night Lights. This is my obsession and I ask you to tolerate it. And of course, I drink quite a lot of tea. I like fresh, light flavors like mint and green blends. I usually just add some honey. I like my tea simple!

As Inside The Daily Tea continues check out my posts signed with my names. I look forward to combining my favorite things with our shared love, tea!

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