The Daily Tea Gang Goes on a Scavenger Hunt


Philadelphia, Love ParkA couple weeks ago the gang and I had a much needed day out of the office. We headed to Philly where we went on a scavenger hunt and had a very nice lunch together at Estia.

The day started in Dilworth Park at City Hall. It was such a beautiful, bustling scene: synchronized fountains performed their watery dance while people meandered around, some heading for coffee and tea in the glass-walled café while others hurried to work, avoiding the tourists snapping pictures. Even the weather cooperated! It was clear and cool, just right for rushing around the city on foot.

Scavenger Hunt1Grouped in teams of four and five we began our hunt in and around City Hall. We all had the same quests but not in the same order so we knew we would run into, or rush by, each other at different times. We hit some road blocks when the required establishments were closed (how many restaurants with motorcycles over the bar are open at 10:00 AM?), the sign shop’s owner took the dog for a walk, or that was just the wrong CVS address.

Finally, exhausted, we all met up at Estia for a much needed meal. All that exercise and fresh air made us hungry! We must have been there for hours as we enjoyed each other’s company and course after course of excellent food.

Thanks to Eileen for making the arrangements. We all had a great day and some long-overdue play time!

Scavenger Hunt2

Scavenger Hunt3

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