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First, Welcome to The Daily Tea! You used to know us as Tea Magazine, but now we can bring you so much more of the content you like – videos and beautiful photography as well as great articles; and in the way more of you want to receive it these days – on your phone, your tablet, or your computer. We have a very simple mission here – To Grow the World of Tea. We want to connect the world of tea lovers. We want to invite the curious tea drinker to become a more knowledgable tea drinker.We want to help knowledgeable tea drinkers to learn something new. And we want to do it in a way that will both educate and entertain you. (Please let us know how we’re doing so far……)

And so to make learning about tea part of your every day, The Daily Tea will be publishing many new articles and items each day as our name suggests. Also, if you wish, you can participate in our free daily inspiration, a short email which will contain one very simple but hopefully inspiring brief article, or maybe just a picture, or sometimes a short video. Nothing fancy, nothing long, and not a boring newsletter. Each day we will email to those of you who wish to sign up, one article, or one picture, or one video – something you can read in just a couple of minutes while enjoying your favorite steep. But always just one. The Daily Tea – once a day, one simple inspiring article, every day….

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