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note that this article was previously published on May 23rd, 2015

The ancient art of Tasseography- reading tea leaves- may not be scientific, but does that mean there is nothing to be learned?

Tea-leaf reading is a fun way to enjoy the last few drops at the bottom of your cup. If you are inclined toward fortune-telling, the spent tea leaves may give you a glimpse into the future. But even the more practical-minded can get some benefit; the way your mind interprets the abstract shapes provides some clues about your inner-most thoughts!

Reading your own tea leaves is a simple thing to do. Here are some basic tips to help you get started:

Tips for Reading Tea Leaves

  • Any tea can be used, but loose leaf tea is preferred
  • If using a tea bag, cut it open
  • Choose a light colored or white tea cup for easy contrast
  • Keep it simple- your own intuition is the best guide for interpretation
  • Have fun!

Preparing the Tea Leaves

  • Make a cup of tea without using an infuser (any tea will do)
  • Enjoy drinking your cup of tea until there is a very small amount left
  • Relax your mind and allow your thoughts to float away
  • Swirl the cup three times, allowing the tea leaves to cling to the lower walls of the cup
  • Turn the cup over briefly to drain

The leaf clumps at the bottom of your cup are what you will read. What patterns, symbols and shapes do you see? Which is most prominent? Do the shapes have symbolic meaning for you? There is no right or wrong answer- the interpretation is up to you!

For more in-depth information on reading tea leaves, visit Serena Powers.

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