Tea and Poetry


Making tea is an experience:

tea and hot water,
mixed within a pot of clay,
set down with a cup,
slowly poured as lid is held,
and watched as the gold stream flows

Can you feel this? Each of the steps? This is making tea.

Drinking tea is also an experience:

In life we set moments aside,[groups_member group=”Paid Subscribers”] moments when we do choose to bide,
we pause and rest for we have need,
to take some time from work and deed,
and have some time when we can hide.

We rest with tea right by our side,
we drink liquid that seems gold dyed,
and at these times we do concede,
in life we set moments aside.

We watch two birds as they confide,
and fly around without a guide,
we watch and think their thoughts we read,
as if we could do this great deed,
we sit and watch as they go wide,
in life we set moments aside.

Can you feel this? The quiet moment outside with tea and nature? This is drinking tea.

Tea is an experience. You can feel it. No matter the situation, making and drinking tea affects you. Poetry is an expression of experience. You can feel it. No matter the situation, writing and reading poetry affects you. Whether poetry is directly influenced by tea or is shaped as one experiences the simplicity that comes from making and drinking it, the connection is natural.

If you are searching for inspiration for writing poetry, try making tea. Making tea has color, smell and sound. You can feel the warmth of the cup and taste the tea as you drink. You can focus on the leaves or the pot. There’s boiling water, steam, and reaction.

Each part of tea is filled with inspiration.

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About Author

M. Sakran drinks lots of tea: hot tea, iced tea, loose tea, tea in bags – lots of tea. He often drinks this tea while writing poetry. If you were so inclined, and wanted something to do while drinking your tea, you could read his collection of poetry First Try. Also, while drinking your tea, you could read his blog: M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things at msakran.wordpress.com (where, by the way, there have been posts about tea).

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