Thanks for the Tea, Dad!

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In honor of Father’s Day we raise our cuppa to all of the good memories that have been created with fathers around the world. Thank you for sharing some special tea moments with dad!

dad and tea

Dad pouring tea

Every morning, my dad was the one to wake me for school, since he headed to work so early in the morning (he’s a carpenter). He’d wake me, and then go put the kettle on. Once I got dressed and blearily headed to the kitchen, my dad would have two cups of tea with milk and sugar set out for us. Even from grade school on up to the times I began to drive myself to school as a senior, Dad always had hot tea waiting for me as we started our day.
– Mike L.

Listening to Lowell Thomas on the radio every night when dad and I ate supper…how could I NOT develop a liking for Lipton?!
– Joseph B.

Though I sell excellent loose leaf teas, my dad still prefers his cup of Lipton in the evening. Whenever I’m visiting, I make him a cup of tea after dinner.
– Sue E.

Whenever my dad couldn’t sleep at night, and neither could I, I’d wander out to the living room where we’d watch Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Dad would prepare pretzels and ice cream with hot decaf tea as we snuggled down to watch our movies.
– Anna A.

Spinning Teacups

Spinning Teacups with Dad

Every family dinner included tea, especially after antipasto, bread and oil, ‘sketti and gravy, and my favorite- dessert. Dessert was always cannolis or a plate of Italian cookies. Everyone usually had espresso, but Dad, Grandpop and I would have hot black tea with our cookies.
– Stephanie W.

My dad isn’t here anymore, but he loved the ritual of tea. Real tea leaves, boiling the water to the perfect temperature, warming the teapot, and steeping the tea in his old cast iron teapot. Preparing the tea was part of his enjoyment. Now I make tea in his teapot as homage to my dad.
– Cathy M.

My family loved to go to high tea at a local hotel and enjoy the scones, pastries and tea. Now that I have a family of my own, my children enjoying tea with my husband and I is a priceless time we share together.
– Sarah W.

Steve and Anthony at tea

The family at tea.

Thanks dad – for everything.

Father and Son

President Calvin Coolidge made Father’s Day a national event in 1924?

Thanks for the Tea Dad
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Simpson & Vail

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