International Tea Day


As we celebrate International Tea Day, observed since 2005, we extend our appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved in growing, processing and delivering this wonderful beverage to all the people of the world.

Whether your favorite is Earl Grey, pu-erh or a beautiful blend, appreciation of its origin can increase your enjoyment and make your morning cuppa all the more nourishing.

Write us a note in the comments and tell us your much loved tea, the special way you like it served and who you like to share it with.


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About Author

I never realized just how much tea and tea paraphernalia I had acquired until I started working at The Daily Tea. Now I celebrate a passion I didn't realize I had. Loose, unsmoked yerba mate, brewed in a French press, starts my day. And I've been brewing my own kombucha since 1994! What tea treasures will I discover next?

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