Matcha Pudding: A Pricey Match Made in Heaven


Leave it to the Japanese to create a tea-based dessert that costs more than a nice meal. While matcha pudding isn’t a new invention, Okoi, an offering from Japanese company Pudding Laboratory, is out to up the ante—and we’re not just talking about the $50 price tag.

Every ingredient in Okoi has a story, from the matcha—Chiyo no Mukashi tea from the Teragawa Daifukuen farm in Kyoto—to the water—taken from one of the “100 most delicious” water sources in Japan and prized by tea ceremony master Sen no Rikyu.

Speaking of tea ceremony, the pudding was developed with the supervision of one of Urasenke tea ceremony school’s instructors.

Basically, it’s as if “Portlandia” and Japan had a pudding love-child. (And we hear it tastes pretty good, too.)

Check out this high-end matcha pudding.

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