How to Make a Proper Cup of Tea


The debate rages on: what is the proper way to make a cup of tea? Among the many hotly disputed points regarding tea-making in Britain, the “milk-first” or” milk-last” controversy continues. That is- should milk be added to the cup before or after the tea is poured?

The camps are divided. British author George Orwell weighed in on the subject in his 1946 essay entitled “A Nice Cup of Tea”. Among his 11 “Golden Rules” for making a perfect cup, he explained that milk should be added to the tea rather than the other way around. This, he said, was the best way to make sure one added just the right amount. Others argued that milk should come first, warming it as the tea is poured.

Scientists have also entered the fray. Challenging Orwell’s “milk-last” rule,  Dr. Stapley of Loughborough University established that in order to heat the milk evenly and prevent a skin from forming on the surface of the brew, milk should certainly come first.

Will scientists settle the debate? Probably not. But don’t get your knickers in a twist; the milk-first, milk-last, or no-milk-at-all question is entirely up to you!

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Image by Eric Wienke- CC Usage License 2.0


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