Dancing, with a Cup of Tea


Are you tired from a night of dancing and socializing? Why not take add a tea break?

Tea Dance PosterIn vogue in the forties and fifties, tea dances are once again in full swing. Inspired by the love of the dance, these evenings bring together music, people and a cup of tea.

Brighton, England’s Rag Proof Players have been hosting tea dances for the past ten years, revitalizing the beloved trend of merging communities with a love of dance. These lively evenings incorporate music from the twenties to the fifties: ballroom inspired dancing from the waltz to the swing.

One of the wonders of these dances has been their wide acceptance, connecting teens to the young at heart. Halfway through everyone takes a break to socialize, have a cup of tea and enjoy a small bite to eat. Can’t find a tea dance near you? Host your own! All you need is an open space, a love of dancing and, of course, tea.

The Strictly effect brings tea dances twirling back into fashion

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