The 9 Dragons We Would Love to Share an Oolong With

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Did you know the word ‘oolong’ translated into the English language from Chinese means ‘Black Dragon?’

Everyone can envision that classic image of a dragon; huge, scaly, with a major case of heartburn. Throughout the years dragons have come in many forms from the classic to the more animated. Either way tea would taste a little better warmed by a fire started by a dragon. And who wouldn’t want to sit down to a cup of oolong with any of these delightful characters?

Elliot9. Elliot from “Pete’s Dragon”

A Disney film from 1977 introduced us to Elliot, the rotund green animated dragon. Elliot was awesome because, first of all, look at him, he looks like a good time. The downside? He was usually only visible to his young friend Pete which would lead to some very weird looks when you’re trying to share a cuppa. Granted sharing cupcakes and a cup of sweetly-scented green Dong Ding oolong with your giant green dragon friend might produce even stranger looks.

Shrek dragon8. Dragon from “Shrek”

The cleverly named Dragon from the “Shrek” franchise has one wild character arc. She (yes, she) is introduced as the fierce dragon protecting the damsel in distress. Her opening scene is actually pretty intense and ripe with classic dragon imagery. After that first scene, things changed. By the end of things she was the proud momma to a crew of cute half dragon-half donkey babies. You can bet that serving the Oriental Beauty, a sweet, fruity and bright red oolong to that bunch would be wonderfully welcome.

Peter_Paul_and_Mary_19707. Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff is the central character of the song made famous by the group Peter, Paul, and Mary.”Puff, the Magic Dragon,” released in 1963, was the subject of great controversy regarding whether the songs topic was not the relationship between a boy and his dragon but instead drugs. Ah, the 60’s. A cuppa of fragrant Golden Cassia oolong with Puff and his creators would be groovy.

Godzilla6. Godzilla

Think about it, Godzilla is totally a dragon. Scales, check. Fire breath? Sorta (He’s more into the radioactive energy breath). Bad attitude? Check. Expect a lot more Godzilla in your life too, it’s getting the Hollywood treatment again this summer. Serve Godzilla a strong oolong such as Iron Goddess to soothe his troubled mind.
“感謝して私たちは分かち合う,” meaning Gratefully We Partake in Japanese.

Falcor5. Falcor from “The Neverending Story”

Falcor is technically a luckdragon. He lacks the strength or size that a classic dragon might have but he does have luck in everything he does. Isn’t that more valuable? Serving some light White Comb oolong would be delicious while relaxing with this special dragon.

aph_524. Various Dragons from “Harry Potter”

The Harry Potter universe is full of dragons. There are some that play a part in the story like Norbert who is featured in the first book and film. Several more pop up in The Goblet of Fire with awesome names like Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail (the most dangerous dragon in the world) the dragon known for chasing Harry around the grounds during the Tri-Wizard tournament. If they had a free moment, Hagrid and his dragons should try a steaming pot of woody, rich, dark Chinese oolong.

Toothless3. Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”

The big, bad, much feared Night Fury in the film turns out to be a pretty awesome best friend. Hiccup, Viking warrior, befriends Toothless and with his help forges a bond between his village and the dragons they once feared. Maybe Toothless would enjoys a Sweet Jade oolong?

Drogon,_Viserion_and_Rhaegal_2x102. Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion from “Game of Thrones”

Dragons in “Game of Thrones” are a pretty big deal. As the series begins, dragons are thought to be extinct, a thing of stories of the past. By the end of season 1, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion are proof of the opposite. Daenerys Targaryen of Stormborn, Khalessi and Mother of Dragons (also all-around badass) plans to concur the world of Westeros with these fire-breathers by her side. You know these fearsome dragons would enjoy the aptly named Charcoal Fire oolong.

Smaug1. Smaug from “The Hobbit”

There is really one reason why Smaug is on the top of this list. Now, there are plenty of things that make him awesome. The classic imagery of the long worm-like beast curled up on piles of gold makes him seems like a truly treacherous creature. But it all comes down to the voice. Smaug has been voiced several times but never to quite as perfectly as in the 2013 film version of “The Hobbit.” If you don’t know, Benedict Cumberbatch voiced the creature with equal parts rage and poetry. Listen and you’ll be terrified and very intrigued. You could see Smaug settling down to enjoy a rich, dark Narcissus during his afternoon teatime.

Oolong (translation = Black Dragon) is semi-oxidized tea that is traditionally steeped at least three times.

The 9 Dragons We Would Love to Share an Oolong With
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