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Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington) is a paralyzed Marine who recently lost his twin brother in a robbery attempt. He is approached by his brother’s employers, and asked to take his place on a mission to the distant world of Pandora. The native inhabitants of this strange world, called the Na’vi, are being studied by scientists hoping to find a peaceful solution to the conflict that has arisen between the Na’vi and human armed forces.

The atmosphere on Pandora is low in oxygen, and high in gas toxic to the humans. To enable them to get close to the Na’vi, avatars, or created Na’vi bodies, become the hosts for the chosen members of the scientific group. Synched to the avatar through the mind, Jake finally has the chance to run on legs no longer immobile. He finds his new-found freedom addicting, and soon realizes he doesn’t want to go back to his old life. This is even more apparent when he falls for one of the Na’vi, Neytiri. She is charged with teaching Jake the ways of the Na’vi people. Their language, customs, and hunting procedures soon become second nature to Jake, and he is accepted into the ‘tribe’ as one of them.

There’s only one problem. Though Jake is with the group of scientists trying to learn more about the Na’vi as a people, he is also secretly gathering intel on them for his superior, Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang).  The military forces want the Na’vi to relocate, so miners can gather a pricey mineral from underneath the tree the Na’vi call home. If they refuse, forceful action will be taken. They want Jake to find out any weaknesses, both in the tree and its inhabitants. Soon, however, the Na’vi discover Jake’s true purpose in being there among them. He pleads with them to vacate the tree, or they’ll surely perish. As military attacks begin on the home tree, he is shunned by those he’s come to care so much about, but he refuses to give up hope.

He proves his dedication to the people by becoming the Toruk Makto, or Rider of the Last Shadow. The Toruk is a massive beast that all on Pandora fear, and throughout history, only a few Na’vi have tamed the beast. This earns Jake the respect of the people, and he leads them into an epic battle to save their world.

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Now that you’ve got your tea, brew yourself a cuppa, sit back and get lost in the world of Avatar.


Find out more about Avatar on the official movie site.


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