What’s Brewing Tonight: Despicable Me 2


Gru and the world’s favorite minions are back, this time to save a secret laboratory stolen from the Arctic. Unfortunately, the lab contains a weapon that is being used on the minions, turning them from cute, sweet yellow minions into crazed purple ones. The unknown villain’s plan is to send the savage creatures to cities around the globe, and gain the ultimate power over the world.

Teaming up with Lucy, an undercover Anti-Villain League agent, Gru sets out to find the villain responsible and save his minions. His partnership with Lucy takes a turn, however, when he discovers he has feelings for her. On top of all the mayhem, he’s trying to be a good father to Margo, Edith and Agnes, the three little girls he adopted at the end of the first movie, Despicable Me. With his daughters by his side, he takes on mutant minions, evil bad guys, Pollito the chicken, and finally, love.

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If you’ve seen the first Despicable Me, you know how adorably funny the characters are. Even though some of the humor is beyond the comprehension of children, it’s still a kid-friendly movie. So pile the whole family on the couch, pop in this Blu-Ray, and spend the evening laughing hysterically with your own little minions. Make sure to have some kid-friendly teas on hand to enjoy during the movie. Flowering teas, such as Numi’s Sunset Oolong add a touch of fun and magic (make sure to have a glass teapot on hand to watch the magic happen!). Brew Lab Tea’s Lemon Verbena Peppermint tea is tasty and caffeine-free, perfect for little ones who need to go to bed right after the movie. Finally, try The Republic of Tea’s Little Citizens line, fruity and caffeine-free herbals blended with kids in mind.

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