Winter Handpicked


If you’re in a cold climate, it’s hard to stay warm around this time of year. Here are some fun products for you and your family to help make the most of the cold weather.

  1. American Beagle dog coatMatching sweaters for you and your dog from American Beagle Outfitters: Let’s face it, walking your dog through the bitter cold and snow is no fun. You can make it more bearable by buying your pooch a nice cozy coat. It’s perfect for small dogs that love the outdoors but can’t handle the chill.


  1. 2 earmuffsEarmuffs headphones from Nordstrom: These stylish earmuffs made by UGG keep you warm and toasty while you listen to your favorite music or chat on the phone. Choose a color and style to fit your mood!


  1. alphaheat-rechargeable-battery-heated-socks-10Heated socks from TheWarmingStore.comSay goodbye to cold toes this winter! These rechargeable battery-powered heated socks are perfect for snowy days, whether you’re going skiing, walking the dog, shoveling the walkway, or even sitting home reading a nice book.


  1. snowmanSnowman-building kit from RightToolUSA: Who doesn’t love building a snow family on a snowy afternoon? If the kids are off from school (or you’re just looking for something fun to do on a weekend) this snowman-building kit comes with all the supplies you’ll need to bring your creation to life.


  1. goods-of-the-woods-pine-scented-pine-cones-1-pound-45Scented pine cones from eFireplaceStore.comThese pinecones can be displayed in your home to give off a wintry scent and keep your spirits high. When the scent starts to wear off, throw them into the fireplace and they’ll fill your home with the warm and comforting smell of the forest.


  1. teaWinter Berry Spice Herbal Tea from TeavanaThis bold spicy tea is perfect for sitting by the fire on a romantic evening. With its flavors of cranberry, papaya, pineapple, vanilla, almond, and cinnamon, this aromatic herbal is sure to keep you calm and cozy.


  1. fondueSwissmar Biel Fondue set from HayNeedle.comReady for dessert? Everyone in the family will love this fondue set for a yummy chocolaty treat!


  1. 8 snowmen at nightSnowmen at NightHow do snowmen keep themselves occupied at night? With the world quiet and cold, they play and frolic. That explains why they never look quite as good the next day! Children love this whimsical book that really makes you wonder, what do snowmen do at night!

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