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Combining tea and food is not new to the culinary scene, but is something that people have been playing with as long as we have been consuming tea. If you think about pairing tea and food there are some natural duos that come to mind, favored by many is tea and chocolate, but there are some savory pairings that are pleasantly surprising.

Some basic concepts when approaching the combination of tea and food:

  • Match delicate tastes with delicate teas.
  • Moderately flavoured food should be matched with medium bodied teas.
  • Strong teas deserve food with a strong personality.
  • Look for a food or tea which can enhance or support one another and enhance the experience of the two taken together.

ChaiAlways keep in mind that the art of tea and food pairing is for the most part subjective, so while there are some basic concepts we encourage you to experiment and have fun.

To get you started here are some interesting matches:

Darjeeling Second Flush + Brie Cheese

Kenyan Black Tea + Scrambled Eggs

Lapsang Souchong + Smoked Salmon

Genmaicha + White Chocolate

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