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Each sip of our finest cup of tea longs for the perfect tasting match with food.  There’s much more to what lies in our teacups than just the beautiful fragrant liquid. Continue reading to follow the journey outside the cup and learn about the relationships tea can have with other tastes.

A way to determine what tea might be best to enhance the flavors of a specific meal is to think of another drink that is known for its complementary nature – wine. Similar to wine, tea refreshes and readies the palate to savour each course during mealtime. Once you begin experimenting with your palate you’ll soon notice how many flavours compliment one another and your taste buds will thank you.

Let’s begin the meal with a delicious and light appetizer. Serving some goat cheese at room temperature will be a special treat that sets the bar high for the rest of your meal. Pairing it with Assam enhances the tart of the goat cheese, and drizzle honey on top for an abundance of flavours that will get your mouth excited to continue on.

If you’re dreaming of a bright green salad tossed with chicken or some type of seafood, a fresh steep of green tea such as Sencha or Dragonwell are delicate, yet strong in uplifting the flavors of the added protein in the mixed salad.

When prepared traditionally, a masala chai is full of spicy, creamy and sweet flavours that match well with any Indian food dish. However, a favorite is basmati rice as its delicate flavors pair with the full-bodied masala chai that brings out a lovely medium density bite.

A meal just wouldn’t be complete without a tasty treat. To set off this course serve warm crepes filled with a delectable and creamy vanilla ice cream topped with freshly cut fruit that are gently dusted with sugar. A cup of Darjeeling or an Oolong may go well with this creamy dessert.

At the end of the day, settle down with some sort of herbal infusion with no caffeine intake, and wake up feeling refreshed. Herbal infusions can be fruity so play off those flavors with a fruit and cream cheese dip combo. It’s not too overpowering; in fact, it adds extra flavoring and brings a whole new meaning to the saying sweet dreams. However, if you’re more interested in a tea, try a light oxidized Oolong or first-flush Darjeeling to sip through each bite.

It’s important to enjoy your tea with what you truly desire. The possibilities can be endless and delicious! Go into this tea and food pairing practice lightly and have fun with it. It’s the best way to discover what taste may fit your personal palate.

Guest blogger Lu Ann would like to know what tea brings out all the flavors in your life?

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