Tea Cubes?


note that this post was previously published on October 7th, 2014

We love the way people invent creative ways of making life work for them. Beautifully simple: pour cooled tea into ice cube trays. The resulting “tea cubes” will cool your ice tea without watering it down. What could be better?

Try making tea cubes from a fruity tisane like peach and then brew your regular black tea. Drop the peach tea cubes into the black tea and the peach flavor swirls around in the glass, not fully mixed, so you get hints and dashes instead of one mixed flavor. Think peach cobbler ice cream with chunks of peach hidden among the swirls of ice cream.

Share with us some of the inventive things you’ve come up with.

Freeze Tea in Ice Cube Trays for Better, Less Watery Iced Tea

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