Perfectly Steeped Tea at Sea


Sun, sand and a good cup of tea? Yes, we know, vacation hot spots have never been known for their tea service. In fact, most selections go from bad to downright dreadful. But that’s all about to change. Yes, it’s true, now you can have your dream vacation without sacrificing a good cuppa. Ok, the service isn’t everywhere, well at least not yet. But one luxury liner has decided to acknowledge the beauty in a good cup of tea.

The SeaDream Yacht Club luxury liners are now offering a full tea service. With fun names like Captain’s Breakfast and Sea Grey, these ship-inspired blends were developed with the tea lover in mind. Each cup will be individually served in a Bodum tea pot with a plunger diffuser and timer to avoid over steeping. High tea at sea, now that sounds like the perfect vacation.

SeaDream Yacht Club Offers New Tea Service


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