Serenity — A Tea Tour of Japan


This is an excerpt from the September/October issue of TEA Magazine

“How lucky you are!” exclaimed Seiko-san our guide. “You see Fuji-san, Sakura and snow all at the same time. This has not happened for more than 20 years.”

Japan’s most recognizable landmark is Mt. Fuji, also known as Fuji-san and Fujiyama. The nearly symmetrical 12,389-foot volcanic cone is an object of national pride and personal pilgrimage. It can be elusive. Clouds and fog often obscure the peak. There are many travelers who, despite passing by more than once, have still not been able to witness the spectacle. However, one morning in early May, a troop of tea lovers were blessed with a clear view. It was still Sakura (Cherry blossom) season and that morning there had fallen a gentle but abundant blanket of snow.

Traveling to Japan is on many peoples’ wish lists for a variety of reasons. The nation’s history and culture are fascinating to Western travelers. Others marvel at the intricate architecture. In the cities, shopping or manga “cos-play” delight many. Those who crave a connection with nature seek the imposing mountains, shaded forests, flower gardens and rejuvenating hot springs and baths along 18,500 miles of coast line.

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