Persuasive Speech Examples: Mesmerize the Audience Completely


Hi and hello, it’s time to tune into persuasive speech writing. Let’s start with…

Whoa, hold it! What is a persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech is an oral report on a topical issue, which requires the author to express his/her own opinion in such a manner as to convince the audience.

Now that you know the basics, let’s dive right into the writing process!

Persuasive Speech Examples: Check Delightful Pieces of Advice!

If you really want to create a flawless paper, check the most effective of all persuasive speech outline examples:

  1. Convince the audience of the importance of the issue;
    People have to understand what they came here for.
  2. Make people see you as a real expert on the issue;
    Even if you hesitate, never show it to the public!
  3. Create the required atmosphere and maintain it;
    Are you discussing the 2012 prophecy? Close the curtains, use dim light.
    Do you want to inform people on the current threats to the Pacific Ocean? Put some fish tanks in the corners. Use your imagination!
  4. Never lie to the audience and be as honest as you can;
    If you lie even once, your lie will be revealed sooner or later; and when it’s revealed, people will believe everything else you say is also a lie.
  5. Show how your ideas work in real life;
    Create plans, offer videos, use 3D modeling… there are plenty of means.
  6. Make clear every potential profit for the audience;
    You’ve taken their time – offer them something valuable in return: “Do you want to earn your first million/win the beauty contest/look like Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt)?”
  7. Use body language efficiently to persuade the audience:
    • Copy the vis-à-vis posture and poses;
    • Use the same gestures as the vis-à-vis;
    • Try to keep the mimicry as subtle as you can!
  8. Look as doubtless and self-assured as you can!
    Believe in yourself, and the others will believe in you, too!

Now let’s see some great examples of persuasive speech writing!

Persuasive Speech Examples: Learn Why Certain Writing Works Well

If you want some examples of a persuasive speech, you’ve come to the right place! Read these samples:

Speech type. Extracts: Proposition of…


Good example Bad Example Comment
… value: offer your evaluation of a certain issue and convince people of your ideas.
“Judging by the fact that fantasy fiction has become not only one of the mainstream key types of fiction, but also a foundation for numerous artworks, it must be admitted that fantasy fiction is a self-sufficient genre as important as classics.” “Many people like fantasy fiction. Mostly, young people like it, while adults consider it a fad. However, some adults like it as well and even write some of their own. Then, they become writers themselves.” The “good” essay demonstrates a good command of convincing writing and uses efficient structures and words to support the main idea: “since,” “not only, but also,” “it must be admitted that.”
The “bad” essay uses generalizations and lacks logics, which is really undesirable.
… facts: interpret certain facts in the way you consider right so that the audience can agree with you.
“Since at present animated movies are entertainment made not only by adults for children, but also by adults for adults, cartoons must be accepted as an integral part of culture.” “I like watching cartoons, and all my friends like it as well. There are Disney cartoons, MGM cartoons, and anime. But I don’t like anime, and it must not be developed any further.” The “good” essay demonstrates objectiveness, while the “bad” one uses the pronoun “I,” which is strictly prohibited in this kind of writing, and has no logics whatsoever.
.. policy: critique a certain existing policy and suggest amendments that should be made.
“Because of increasing problems with illegal immigrants, who make about 11,2 million people, it is obvious that the current immigration policy needs to be revised and adapted to recent changes in economics, politics and cultural relationships between different countries.” “There are too many illegal immigrants in the USA, and I think that someone should do something about it. These people think they will find jobs in the USA, but they are all wrong, and they are just as poor in the USA as they used to be in their native country. Someone must get rid of illegal immigrants.” The “bad” essay does share a couple of reasonable thoughts like the one that immigrants are just as unhappy in the foreign land as at home, but the idea is conveyed too awkwardly.

Impressed? That’s not the end yet!

Persuasive Speech Examples: A Staircase to Incredible Success.

Here is a surprise for you: when writing persuasive speeches, you can pick any ideas for a persuasive speech topic! Here are two excellent examples:

An Excerpt of a Persuasive Speech on…

    1. … Steroids
      The desire to reach success is the most natural one of all. However, to climb to the top in sports is incredibly hard, which is why a number of sportsmen use steroids. Since steroids are illegal and harmful for health, they should be banned from being sold, used and even produced. […]
    2. … Reading Books

Because of new technologies that allow to learn news and various facts online, the computer seems to have substituted books, which gives reasons for concern. According to official data, only 16% of students read for leisure. To prevent mass illiteracy, efficient measures are to be taken […]

Impressed? Hold on, the party is just starting! Take a closer look at some fantastic topics for persuasive speech – the ones only professionals use in their persuasive speaking!

Persuasive Speech Examples and Topic Ideas: Open That Black Box!

Do you want experts to tell you a secret? Most of the topics for persuasive speeches focus on notorious problems:

  1. Does Mass Media Have an Impact on People’s Opinions and Choices?
  2. Terrorist Attacks and State Security: The Way to Feel Safe;
  3. Reasons for Children’s Fears. How to Deal with Phobias;
  4. Current State Policy: Existing Flaws and Possible Improvements;
  5. Racial Discrimination in the XXI Century: The New Shapes of the Old Problem;
  6. People Need an Affirmative Action: Time to Restore Justice;
  7. Independent vs. Mainstream Movies: Two Sides of the Same Coin.

If you want some one-shot-one-hit topics for a persuasive speech, the ones above will be just right for you.
What’s more, you can find the right ideas for a persuasive speech topic yourself! Look around, and persuasive speech ideas will come to you immediately!

Persuasive Speech Examples: 3 Steps to Convincing the Audience.

Remember the elements that will make any persuasive speech boom! Here they are:

  • Surprise.
    Start your speech in an unusual way.
  • Impress.
    Show the significance of the issue in question.
  • Inspire.
    Make people feel you’ve just made them open their eyes.

You’d be surprised, but – that’s all that it takes to make your persuasive speech on any issue completely admirable! Good luck with your persuasive speaking activities!

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