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Anabolic cycles can help representatives of various sports to achieve their goals faster. The process of their compilation can be safely called creative. In addition, the athlete must have a certain amount of knowledge. At first glance it may seem that it is enough to buy the desired anabolic and start taking it. In practice, this approach will only lead to the development of various side effects.

When compiling anabolic cycles, it is extremely important to think about PCT in advance. Some amateur bodybuilders are starting to use steroids with estrogenic activity, but do not acquire anti-estrogens. To make your cycles as effective and safe as possible, you will have to follow some rules. This article is especially valuable for beginner athletes, many of whom are confident that the greater the dose, the faster the task will be achieved. If you are not new, then scroll right to the end of the article.

Features of the AAC cycles

We decided to divide our recommendations into three parts. The first is intended for beginners, and they will learn how to compose the first cycle. The second part will help in the compilation of strong mono cycles, and the latter will tell about the rules of using AAS in various combinations.

The first cycle of anabolic steroids

Immediately, we note that it is impossible to begin acquaintance with pharma with powerful AAS. Quite often, even the solo cycle of Oxandrolone is useful for beginners. The main disadvantage of this steroid is the relatively high cost. That is why the majority of athletes leave their choice on Metandienone and Turinabol. It is also important that the first cycle is short.

The fact is that with long-term use of AAS, it will be quite difficult for novice athletes to avoid hormonal pits. Not everyone takes it responsibly and in vain. When using steroids should not be allowed spikes hormone levels. That is why we do not recommend starting, for example, with Boldenone.

Of cycle, this is an excellent steroid that should be included in your arsenal in the future. However, even frequent injections are not a guarantee of even hormonal levels. Thus, at the disposal of the athletes are already remembered us Metandienon and Turinabol. They allow you to increase strength and gain weight. These are the tasks that novice athletes set themselves.

An example of a solo cycle is Oxandlolone + PKT.

Solo cycles

After completing the first cycle you should not abandon the use of only one steroid. Solo cycles should be held until they cease to bring good effect. You must understand. That the body is not able to immediately adapt to anabolic steroids. However, as soon as an athlete begins to use AAS in various combinations, the performance of solo cycles drops sharply. Meanwhile, even alone, steroids can remain effective for quite a long time.

An example of a solo cycle is Testosterone Enanthate + PCT.

Combined steroid use

The first combined cycle should be third or fifth. When the athlete realized that solo anabolics no longer allow progressing at the same speed as it was before, you can begin to combine the steroids. If we are talking about gaining muscle mass, then preference should be given to prolonged AAS. It can be Sustanon, Boldenone, Nandrolone Decanoate and others.

Example of a cycle of 3 steroids – Testoterone enanthate + Boldenone + Stanozolol + PCT.

A typical cycle for gaining muscle mass consists of three steroids: testosterone + nandrolone + tableted steroid. This basis, in addition to the basis, most likely you will need inhibitors, gonadotropin and the longer the cycle, and the higher the dosage, the longer the list of steroids. According to the list I will list which steroids, to which components of the cycle are:

Testosterone: here I think it is clear. Also add that testosterone injections can be replaced by its own form in the form of ointment.
Nandrolones: Nadrolon Decanoate, Primbolan, Masteron, Trenbolone, Boldenone, etc.
Tablets: Methane, Turinabol, Stanozolol, Oxymetholone, Oxandrolone, Fluoxymesterone, etc.
Inhibitors: Letrozole, Anastrozole, Finasteride, Cabergoline, Exedrol, and so on.
steroids are selected individually, I would say by the method of scientific tyk, because whester this or that steroid will come to you, no one knows in advance, we are all different, and therefore we should try.

It is obvious that you should first use two steroids at the same time. For example, testosterone + pills or testosterone + nandrolone. The transition to complex combined cycles should be smooth. steroids are selected individually, I would say by the method of scientific tyk, because whester this or that steroid will come to you, no one knows in advance, we are all different, and therefore we should try. In addition to individual preferences, the choice of steroids in the cycle depends on the tasks. Above, we have already mentioned weight gain.

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