What’s the danger of an underground steroids


Underground is defined as a pharma produced in clandestine laboratories. These steroids may resemble the original ones, but have nothing to do with them, but may be a separate brand. For the first time, AAS fakes appeared in the United States when the law required all laboratories to report on orders they had received. It is obvious that this has led to a sharp increase in supply on the black market. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the law also applied to laboratories that manufactured steroids for veterinary use.

A brief history of the underground steroids

For the first time false anabolics were actively talked about in 1983. It was at this time that California athletes were buying so-called “steroids from the GDR”. Since there was a serious shortage of sports pharmaceuticals on the market, their cost reached 300 dollars per bottle of 30 cm3. The athletes’ attention was drawn by the fraudsters to the claim that their steroids were made using a unique top-secret technology. Now it is difficult to say for sure. What kind of ingredients were in these “anabolics”.

Three years later, law enforcement agencies managed to remove “GDR steroids” from the market. However, they were a huge success, and the number of people willing to earn money was growing rapidly. New groups of shady business dealers took on an unprecedented scale. Soon the “black market” of the sports platform experienced an even greater shortage of steroids, as the U.S. banned the official production of Danabol. Recall that this steroid was the most popular at the time.

Today, there are also fake products on the market. Original steroid manufacturers are well aware of this and have taken a number of measures to protect their products. However, every athlete should also be as careful as possible. Purchase pharmaceuticals only in reputable stores, before that carefully studying the feedback. In no case should you buy a pharmaceutical product off the shelf. Buying steroids from hand is comparable to drinking water from a puddle. Even quality steroids with illiterate use can cause side effects. What about fake anabolics?

What’s the danger of an underground

Speaking of fake steroids, we immediately recall possible health problems. And it is not a question of simple side effects, which can be easily eliminated with the help of special medications. Given the fact that we do not know the active ingredients of fake pharma, as well as the exact concentration, the results of its use can be very diverse. At best, you will feel nothing, because the concentration will be extremely low from the declared, or maybe you will see the steroid through a lot of work, because, as previously written, the Andorra is constantly having problems with the dosage, in each vial it is different. In short, using the undersea you can introduce both times less and times more substance than planned. But this is not the end of the minuses…

Except for the use of the lowest-grade raw materials of steroid nature. It should be understood that clandestine laboratories are not subject to any regulatory authority and no inspections are carried out on them. In such a situation it is difficult to talk about sterility and availability of highly qualified personnel.

There are cases when the use of underground resulted in blood contamination. The doctors who treated these people noted that they had taken substances that under no circumstances should be in the human body. Note that not all patients survived.

How to distinguish the underground from the original

Of cycle, every athlete wants to avoid buying a fake. We have already said and will repeat that a lot depends on the athlete himself. If he cares about his health, he won’t buy steroids in suspicious shops. We have to admit that some fake steroids are very similar to the original ones.

Since all manufacturers have taken appropriate measures to protect their products, the fraudsters have to copy them as accurately as possible. These are the most popular and effective ways to identify fake steroids.


About ten years ago, it was the easiest and most effective way of detecting fakes. Most fake steroids had a black-and-white sticker that recognized handicraft production at first sight. Today the situation has changed, but still it is worth looking carefully at the label – it should be printed and well glued.

Steroids in ampoules

Even today, swindlers are not always able to fake AAS injection tanks. Carefully study the ampoules, which should be in the right shape, have no leaks. If you put the ampoule on the table, the level of content should be even. It is also worth paying attention to the size of the ampoule. Before buying any steroid for the first time, it is worth visiting the official website of the manufacturer and studying their packaging.

Anabolics in bottles

This is the coarseest fake, because most manufacturers pack tablet anabolics in blisters. At the same time, some companies can pack large containers of AASv. Again, you can give advice on visiting the official website of the manufacturer. In addition to all the above, you should pay attention to the shelf life. The lot number, date of production and expiration date of original products are usually printed after packing. These inscriptions in most cases resemble a stamp. Fraudsters, in turn, try to save money on the purchase of equipment and omit such subtleties.

What brands are not underground?

Summing up, I would like to note that the residents of the post-Soviet countries are very lucky in this regard, as one of our former republics produces, in laboratory conditions, steroids, which are quoted all over the world, is Balkan Pharmaceuticals and SP Laboratories. So why are we lucky? Due to the geographical proximity to Moldova, we can obtain steroids of pharmacy quality for an adequate price. The farther from Moldova, the more expensive the Balkans are and the harder it is to find the original. For example, over the ocean, the price per ampoule can reach more than $ 10. In conclusion, I recommend that you choose very carefully what you inject into your body. We have what we eat, stakes, put. Each shot is the introduction of a foreign object into the body, and the quality of this object depends on your performance in sports, and the quality of life!

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