Full From Thanksgiving Dinner? Just Add Tea!


You said you won’t, but you probably will—indulge a bit too much at Thanksgiving dinner, that is! The turkey is just right, the stuffing impossible to resist. And soon you’ll be feeling the pain.

So before the rest of the holidays hit, let tea come to your rescue!

According to HealthDailyOnline.com, drinking even a small cup of green tea either during or after a large meal can not only help you digest (thanks to all those flavonoids and antioxidants), but also can fill you up a bit (so you say no to thirds!) and even jumpstart your metabolism.

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Having green tea handy for clean-up time after dinner (before everyone is close to ready for dessert) or while relaxing in front of football (forget that extra beer!) can be a huge bonus this time of year. If you’re feeling ambitious, and if the weather permits, take your tea with you for a walk! Just a simple leisurely stroll between dinner and sweet treats can aid digestion and help you feel less full. (Ask your honey to join you; sharing a to-go mug of tea adds an element of romance!)

Herbal blends are a low-caffeine alternative to the usual cup of coffee (which is filling anyway), so you can enjoy it with your piece of pie and not get too stuffed. Trust us—once your guests warm to the idea, they’ll thank you!

With all the varieties of green tea available, you can arm yourself with a nice assortment so that everyone at the table is pleased. For those who prefer a subtle taste, try a sencha green tea; for a bolder crew, try a pot of gunpowder green tea or even a toasty genmaicha.

Options to have on hand:

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