Michelle’s Top 5 Hints for Living “Alive & Well”


Vibrant and beautiful, Michelle radiates health. It’s clear that the title of her show is no joke to her—it’s how she lives every day, and how she hopes everyone else will, too. Here are her top five hints for optimizing your personal care:

1. Eat your fruits and veggies.

2. If you’ve already got the first hint down, you might consider “going veg.”

“I’ve been a vegetarian since 14—now I’m a vegan,” Michelle said. “I think it’s maybe one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s allowed me to maintain the same weight I’ve been since high school.

“I have some very old clothes,” she added, laughing, “because I haven’t really changed sizes that much. As long as you’re doing it properly and not eating junk food, it’s the healthiest diet lifestyle that you can have.”

3. Make time for yourself.

“It sounds like it’s a selfish thing,” Michelle said, “but when you take care of yourself, it benefits the people around you more than you’ll ever know. Being healthy and happy—I think it just makes life more enjoyable for not only you, but the people who surround you.”

4. Exercise.

“It’s important to move as much as possible,” Michelle offered. “It reduces stress. It makes you look better. It reduces depression. You just can’t go wrong getting some exercise.”

5. Drink tea.

“It helps you relax,” enthused Michelle. “It makes you look beautiful, and it has innumerous health benefits.”

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