Spring Revival


This is an excerpt from the January/February issue of Tea Magazine

There is a notable first moment of awareness that spring is on its way.

It might be seeing early daffodils or crocus cropping up in the garden or buds forming on the trees. With that first whiff of spring in the air, it’s not uncommon for some of us to have thoughts that move toward “spring cleaning.” I remember as a child my mother would begin a ritual of thoroughly washing and vacuuming the entire house. Slipcovers were changed into lighter fabrics and colors and windows were made to sparkle. Although our house underwent a weekly cleaning, spring cleaning was a no-holds-barred event.

It can also be a time to give consideration to our spiritual homes – our bodies. They too deserve a thorough cleansing and after a season of holiday feasts and winter comfort foods, spring time is an ideal season for a much needed health optimizer. Our bodies could use a gentle nudge to step up the action.

Most tea companies have at least one herbal offering that they label “detox.” There are almost as many different concoctions as there are companies. For me, the flavor is a very important consideration. Making an herbal blend that is not only palatable, but truly tasty, takes a lot of experimentation and patience. Be willing to try new blends, but there’s also no reason why you can’t don an herbalist cap and have some fun making your own using a few tried-and-true herbs.

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