Like that old office poster reads, “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps.” And while none of us are officially certifiable, at least not yet, most of us do have have our idiosyncrasies. Dawn H. wrote a supernatural suspense novel called The Peisistratos Deal and has been known to hunt a ghost or two. Graham is (still) building an animal proof vegetable garden. Jacqueline, a self-proclaimed “calamity jane” and an avid baker on the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, has an odd obsession with the color orange.  And then there’s Eileen — well, Eileen is that calm point in the center of a pool of ripples.

But on a serious note, we all share a passion for media and of course — tea. Here are our own personal tea stories:

(The Boss)Graham

I grew up in England, so you could say TEA is in my DNA. But it wasn’t so much my tea heritage that lead to The Daily Tea — partly it was business, and partly it was the experience of starting other media projects in Asia; if you do business in China, Taiwan or Japan, tea is omnipresent, and it doesn’t take too long to become a fan. These days, my day, every day starts religiously with a pot of some variety of black — currently I’m trying a variety of Keemun teas from China’s Qi Men district in Anhui province. Evening times, I revert to something non caffeinated, I particularly enjoy Rooibos w/ Lemon Myrtle, or just a plain Chamomile at the end of a tough day…



(Admin Manager) Eileen

“I think it’s time for tea.” Ever since I was a very little girl, these words were uttered by my Grandmother on every visit to her house. It was our special time together, hers – lemon and honey, mine – milk and sugar. She started my love for tea, and still, to this day, I begin my day the same way all these years later. My methods of making my tea and the varieties of tea that I now drink have certainly expanded, thanks to working at The Daily Tea. Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in Oz. ‘Eileen, this is not your grandmother’s tea anymore.’ But give me a good cup of robust black tea (and yes, I still sometimes add milk and sugar), and once again, there’s no place like home.

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