RebelliouS Beverage Company: Introducing Pre-brewed,​ on-the-go Green Tea


Chicago, Illinois – Rebellious Beverage Company, a startup fueled by corporate expertise, has launched their debut product: RebelliouS Green Tea, a pre-brewed, on-the-go organic liquid green tea. They’ve got a mission grounded in disrupting the beverage industry and challenging tradition.

“The last time tea had any type of significant disruption was when ready-to- drink appeared. Other than that, any innovation has been around flavors,” said co-founder Doug DuMars.

Rebellious Beverage Company was founded by food and beverage veteran Doug DuMars and entrepreneur Joe O’Connor. They’ve dedicated their time to studying consumers habits, the beverage market, and trends. They’ve developed a product focused on individualism. Having your tea, your way, right away.

“We’re rebelling against this traditional ‘heat up the water, take your time, put in your tea bag, let it sit, and then move on.’ And then if you want iced tea then you’re going through another process to get your custom brew. But it takes an enormous amount of time. We do that for you.”

They aim to provide a solution for the consumer base that’s constantly on the go or would prefer a ready-to-drink beverage that can be enjoyed in a reusable container.

“We fully recognize and understand that there’s a ritual [one has]when you embark [on]your day when you drink tea — we fully understand that that’s happening,” DuMars continued, “We’re taking out the steeping process and I know it’s only 3-5 minutes but that’s 3-5 minutes people don’t have in their hectic crazy lifestyle.”

The tea is packaged in a small, lightweight, ready-to-pour pouch that’s about the size of a business card. Simply add the packet to 8-12 oz of water (hot or cold) and enjoy. The teas contain over 250 mg of antioxidants and are available in five flavors: Peach, Lemon, Mint with a hint of Lemongrass, Blood Orange, and Strawberry Kiwi.


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