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Matcha green tea has transformed from a trend into an obsession that is dominating instagram and your neighborhood cafes. Although when Lisa Henderson craved an expertly made matcha on-the-go, a simple travel packet didn’t satisfy.

Lisa chose to turn this issue into a creative opportunity to design a travel bottle that combined convenience and culture. Lisa developed her Pret-A-Matcha prototype, the first matcha bottle on the market to make matcha on-the-go incorporating traditional tools (sieve, sift, spoon), a compartment for 2 oz of matcha, and an 8oz double-walled stainless steel vessel for liquid that combine into one bottle with modern designs.  To fund the final development of this prototype, Lisa has launched a Kickstarter campaign where tea lovers can pre-order a bottle and make pledges for a series of matcha infused rewards to sweeten the deal. We connected with Lisa to learn more about her magic matcha bottle and share her answers to our burning questions in the Q&A below (plus, the video that reveals details of how the Pret-A-Matcha bottle functions and what funding will cover). Be sure to visit her Kickstarter page for a closer look.

1. What inspired you to create pret-a-matcha?
Pret-A-Matcha was born out of a love of matcha green tea and travel.  As a consultant, I was traveling every week to locations where I couldn’t find matcha! Taking traditional tooling was cumbersome, and matcha sticks didn’t blend well for me–they left a clump sludge at the bottom of my water bottle.
2. How did you create the design?
The design was inspired by the idea of having a bottle with secret compartments so you can store everything you need for the perfect sip of matcha anytime, anywhere!
3. Can you share about the process to create the prototype?
For the protoype, I first met with a product designer who came up with 3D CAD renderings of what the design should look, second I met with an engineer who helped to refine the design for 3D printing. After a couple of prints, the design was perfected.
4. Can you walk us through how the pret-a-matcha bottle works?
The pret-a-matcha bottle is pretty simple, first you unscrew the two bottom compartments,lift up the silicone lid. Secondly place the sieve on the mouth of the bottle. Scoop some matcha green tea powder out of the bottom compartment and sift it into the bottle. Sift until all the matcha clumps are broken up! Remove the sift and pour in water, coconut water, almond milk, whatever liquid you choose! Then attach the lid along with the stainless steel whisk. Shake approximately twenty times, unscrew the lid and take a sip of delicious frothy matcha.
5. How will pret-a-matcha change the on-the-go matcha experience? What problem is it solving in the tea world?
The pret-a-matcha bottle is game changing because now you can make matcha anywhere you want. If you want to enjoy matcha mid hike, you can, if you want to have matcha while playing a game of tennis for constant energy you can just make it quickly on the court, you can have a matcha at 30,000 feet mid flight when you crave it most, with this product matcha possibilities are endless!
6. What inspired you to create the 3 finishes? Do their names have any significance?
The first finish I created was the Matcha Latte Finish, it was inspired by a matcha pour over and the beautiful artistic swirls that happen as a result. The second was the Kintsugi finish: Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold paint to render it even more beautiful than the original. The meaning behind it is just so beautiful, we should learn to see our imperfections not as a flaw but as something beautiful. The last is the shiny black bottle for the minimalists.
7. Beyond hot or cold matcha, can you use it to make lattes and other beverages?
Absolutely –you can use the Pret-A-Matcha bottle for brewing loose leaf teas with the strainer, in addition to turmeric lattes, beetroot lattes and other powdered drinks like Moon Juice Shop dusts.
8. Why did you decide to partner with matchaeologist as your matcha kickstarter partner?
We selected Matchaeologist because they make some of the most delicious matcha green tea. It’s super smooth and doesn’t have any bitter taste to it. They also have a gorgeous ethos and dedicated online customer base.
9. How long will the early bird of one bottle with 20 grams of matcha special be available?
We have a limited quantity of 250 pieces, when those sell out the early bird is gone. It’s an amazing value because you will get 20 grams of matcha and one bottle for just the cost of one bottle. Essentially you are getting 20 grams of ceremonial matcha for free. 20 grams of ceremonial matcha alone is worth $20 dollars.
10. What other rewards are you offering and why?
We are offering a stunning matcha inspired watercolor which is perfect for someone who is obsessed with matcha! We also will be offering a special matcha experience in New York City with Ippodo Tea. We will be pairing matcha with sweets and tasting different varieties as the Ippodo team educates us on matcha preparation, taste, and grading. There will be special gifts for our supporters as well!
11. Why do you love matcha?
Two reasons–first because of the way it makes me feel, I have a calm energy with mental clarity and focus and secondly for the delicious flavor, the more I drink it the more I crave it! I wish more people would discover matcha for it’s positive effects on the mind, body and soul. It’s my favorite tea!





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