Add Some Spice to Your Tea!


A cup of tea is one of life’s daily pleasures, but how to make it even more enjoyable? Adding herbs and spices as an accompaniment to your tea can up the antioxidants and health benefits in addition to tasting great and getting a jump on your day. Most spices taste great with any teas, but a base of black tea is recommended. Many of these spices are excellent in daily foodstuffs, but taste outstanding in brewed teas as well.


Cinnamon. Technically a bark, cinnamon is quite popular for teas. Used in both sweet and savory edibles, cinnamon adds a delightful warming taste and has been touted as an antioxidant.


Ginger. Ginger is a root indigenous to China, notably in the Southern region. Ginger is quite potent and adds zing to any tea. Ginger tea itself can also be brewed with spring water and fresh ginger root to ward off nausea and stomach cramps brought on by heat.


Mint. Fresh mint leaves make tea delightful with their pungent scent, especially in iced teas during warmer months. Many different herb varieties of mint exist, so try out which ones you like best with your brew.


Cardamom.  Grown in several varieties, cardamom is a pungent spice commonly used in Chai teas and excellent when warming up a cup of tea and warm milk. Varying between smoky, spicy and fragrant, cardamom pods make any drink an exotic adventure. Rumor has it cardamom even was used as an antidote for snake venom!

Cloves. Sweet little flower buds grown on clove trees that are harvested and dried in the shape of little nails. Cloves can be bought whole or ground, as most spices, and add a sweet spicy flavor to teas. Cloves have been said to aid in toothaches and nausea. It’s all in the ‘warming action.’

So try a spice or two in your tea and let us know what you most enjoyed!


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DID YOU KNOW? The demand for exotic spices in Ancient Egypt created a global trade network.

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