The Alexis Show – Herb Infused Iced Tea (VIDEO)


note that this video was previously published on July 9th, 2014

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Add a twist to your favorite iced tea by using herbs from your garden!  Look beyond the obvious choice of mint and try something new, such as basil, tarragon, thyme, or rosemary.

Herb Infused Iced Tea

1. Add a handful of fresh herbs to the bottom of a large pitcher (or use tablespoon of herbs in the botton of one glass for a single serve sip).
2. Muddle with wooden spoon to release the flavors and fragrance of each herb.
3. Fill the pitcher or glass with ice.
4. Pour in your favorite iced tea.

Note: Taragon adds a burst of sweet anise flavor to iced Sencha green tea infused with orange slices. Basil balances a watermelon infused Assam black tea. Try lemon thyme with a Formosa oolong iced tea infused with peaches.

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Alexis Siemons is a tea consultant and writer living in Philadelphia. She is certified in the Foundations of Tea (Level 1 & 2) by the Specialty Tea Institute, a division of the Tea Association of the USA. As a tea enthusiast, she writes about her steeped adventures on her website and blog, teaspoons & petals, teaches a series of culinary tea classes, and develops tea-infused recipes for restaurants. She also consults with tea companies, developing tea programs and creative marketing strategies. Her recipes and stories have been published in Anthology Magazine, Grid Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine, Remedy Quarterly, Women's Health Magazine and Design*Sponge.

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