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A recent study published in The Gerontologist reported that  drinking chamomile tea was associated with a roughly 30 percent drop in mortality rates from all kinds of causes—but only for women

For hundreds of years, Chamomile tea has been enjoyed as a beverage and used as a home remedy for ailments such as inflammation, high cholesterol,  insomnia, colds, congestion, and anxiety. Now, a new study conducted at the University of Texas Medical Branch  found that compared with non-tea drinkers, the women in the study who consumed chamomile tea had a 29 percent decrease in risk of death, even after adjusting for variations in health behaviors, health conditions and demographics. Oddly, there was no significant difference in the mortality rates of men in the study.

Although the research only tracked a very specific segment of the population- Hispanic men and women over age 65, the findings are remarkable enough to warrant further study. In the meantime, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea and let your own body be the judge!

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