Darjeeling Tea- A Taste of the Place


Can you taste a place? When it comes to Darjeeling, the answer is yes.

India’s legendary Darjeeling tea is grown on the picturesque southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains in the Darjeeling region of India. Musky-sweet and fragrant, Darjeeling possesses a flavor profile so unique it cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. What is it that sets this tea apart?

  • Small-leafed variety of Camellia sinenis– Unlike most other Indian teas, Darjeeling tea is produced from the smaller, Chinese tea plants rather than the larger variety assmica
  • Terroir– Darjeeling tea is cultivated on the steep, fertile slopes of the Himalayan Mountains at extremely high altitudes, benefiting from an ideal mix of rainfall, intense sunshine and a cool climate
  • Processing– Although generally considered a black tea, Darjeeling is less oxidized, producing a better balance of sweetness and astringency

Want to try Darjeeling tea for yourself? Don’t be fooled by blends and imitations. Look for the Tea Board of India’s Darjeeling Logo on the package.

Photo by Daniel Peckham- CC License 2.0


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