Matcha for Natural Healthy Weight Loss


You’ve probably already heard a lot about the great health benefits of matcha green tea, from cancer-fighting antioxidants to diabetes prevention. But what about matcha for natural healthy weight loss?

Although more research is needed, many studies now suggest that the catechins in matcha can help reduce BMI, body weight and waist circumference. In some studies, men who consumed high amounts of catechins lost nearly twice as much weight as men who consumed lower amounts.  In addition, the EGCG in matcha seems to increase metabolism  and may even help stop the growth of new fat cells.

To get the most benefit from matcha for healthy weight loss, however, experts recommend drinking matcha immediately before moderate-intensity exercise.  A 2008 study in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” found that the fat-burning rates were 17 percent higher in healthy men who consumed the green tea extract during moderate-intensity exercise.

So although you shouldn’t ditch your regular exercise routine in favor of a comfy chair and a matcha latte, matcha is one superfood that can help you reach your health and fitness goals faster.

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Learn more about Matcha for Natural Healthy Weight Loss

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