In 1994, a woman named Pearl Dexter had a vision to create a community around tea, and Tea Magazine was born. In 2012, Pearl passed the baton to the folks here at Media40 (get it?), and every day since we strive to foster that vision further. Our name may have changed (to The Daily Tea ) but our mission remains the same – simply “We Want to Grow The World of Tea.”

Around the office, we have a saying — “It’s not just about dry brown leaves, or hot brown liquid.” For sure The Daily Tea is for tea lovers of all levels, but we aim to be much more than a text book. It’s the culture that surrounds tea that we find even more fascinating — the lives of the people who grow it, the rituals and traditions around tea, the peace we find in drinking it, and the fact that tea is a common denominator to so many around the world. This is what The Daily Tea is all about.

Remember that old Bananarama song from the 80s? (go ahead… ask your mom about it) “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…” We want to educate you in a way that you’ll find entertaining and useful. So, as you poke around around The Daily Tea and start to read and watch, you’ll hopefully notice the great storytellers we bring to your table. The world of tea is full of fascinating people, whose lives revolve around this amazing beverage in one way or another. We hope that you will find the stories they tell about tea, and about themselves, worth coming back for… make sure to sign up for our newsletter so as not to miss a single day!

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