Coffee, Tea or “Coff-Tea”?


POP QUIZ:   Sip for sip, which brew contains more health benefits- coffee or tea? The surprising answer may be both! Mounting evidence shows that when coffee leaves are steeped like tea, the resulting brew packs more antioxidants and polyphenols than either beverage, including green tea.

Although most Americans have never heard of it, Coffee leaf tea is not really new. People in parts of Africa have been making an herbal infusion with coffee leaves for hundreds of years. But now, with recent studies showing that coffee leaves contain extremely high levels of the compounds believed to lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, interest is heating up.

Top findings:

  • Cancer-fighting Antioxidants: Coffee leaf tea contains an incredible amount of antioxidants (higher than green tea or blueberries)
  • Mangiferin: Coffee leaf tea contains extremely high levels of mangiferin, a compound known as an anti-inflammatory agent and shown to lower the risk of diabetes blood cholesterol and protect neurons in the brain

The taste:

The taste of Coffee leaf tea is nothing like coffee. It is similar to green tea, with a mild, fresh, grassy flavor.


The availability of Coffee leaf tea is uncertain. With Coffee beans being one of the world’s most valuable commodities, most coffee growers are reluctant to jeopardize the health of the bushes by harvesting the leaves. Until demand for the leaves is certain, this promising elixir may be in very short supply.

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Photo by Calsidyrose- CC License 2.0

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