Tea Masters Cup International 2017


Tea Masters from over 20 countries have begun to compete in Enshi (Hubei, China) for the title of  World Champion in Tea Masters Cup International this week.

Created in Russia in 2013, the Tea Masters Cup International has been changing the game of tea professionals– putting them to the test and creating an international tea community where individuals can learn about a variety of tea traditions. We were able to catch Elena Thomas, the coordinator, in the midst of preparation, and ask her a few questions about this international event.

What is the Tea Masters Cup International?

Tea Masters Cup is an international competition among tea industry professionals. It forms an international “tea specialist” community, which consists of trendmakers who create new ideas and give impulses to the development of tea market.

The Tea Masters Cup aims to:

  • Foster the development of high cultural traditions involving tea consumption
  • Raise the prestige of careers in the tea industry
  • Identify promising tea industry professionals and aid their career growth and professional development
  • Foster professional development and exchange of ideas among specialists in the hospitality industry, the specialized retail/wholesale industry and the tea processing industry
  • Improve product and service quality in establishments where tea is consumed
  • Develop and promote new approaches to preparing and serving tea
  • Raise the status of tea culture among consumers

What are the main events?

  • Tea Preparation: A Master competing in this category must demonstrate the skill of tea preparation by brewing and presenting two beverages
  • Tea Pairing: A Master competing in this category must demonstrate the skill of tea pairing (a composition consisting of tea and a light snack)
  • Tea Mixology: A Master competing in this category must demonstrate the skill of preparing multi-ingredient tea-based beverages by preparing and presenting two beverages
  • Tea Tasting: A Master competing in this category must demonstrate the skill of degustation by identifying tea samples presented for degustation

Who is competing?

Tea Masters from 15 countries: Belarus, Vietnam, Georgia, Italy, South Korea, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand, Spain, China. They are all winners of National competitions of cycle 2016-2017.

Who are the judges?

A group of individuals from around the world with a wide spectrum of experience. Many have been involved in the international tea community for years.

What do the winners receive?

The coveted status of World Champion of Tea Masters Cup International.


How can readers follow this event?

Tea Masters Cup Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. Follow us with the hashtag: #teamasterscup


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