Top Tea Trend—‘Inhalable’ Tea??


Can breathing your tea deliver more benefits than drinking it?

One innovative tea house thinks so—and lets their customers try it!

Camellia’s Tea House, a gourmet tea shop in London, has created breathable tea that’s supposed to deliver antioxidant properties more quickly to the bloodstream. Camellia’s Tea House was opened by a sister and brother duo with combined backgrounds in homeopathy and molecular biology and takes a therapeutic approach to its custom blends.

To make the breathable tea, the beverage was vaporized and served as a smoky gas which testers could inhale through a straw. Trend hunter Springwise picked up on the vaporized tea, which was demonstrated at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular 2013 in December.

But the concept of inhaling tea isn’t that new. According to the American Cancer Society (, tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has been used in Australia to treat skin infections, but available scientific evidence does not support claims that it boosts the immune system. Users believe the oil works as an antiseptic and use it to fight germs. Some claim it can treat bacterial and fungal skin, wound and gum infections, and acne, head lice, eczema, vaginal yeast infections, colds, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.


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