Cat Cafe: Meowing Over a Cup of Tea


cat cafeWith modern day schedules and smaller spaces, it can make it challenging to have a home for you and a feline too. For anyone experiencing cat withdrawal, you can now enjoy a cuddle and a cup of tea at your local cat cafe. Inspired by a Taiwanese cafe in 1998, The Cat Flower Garden, these venues merge the bistro experience with a bit of feline pet therapy.

Looking for a tea inspired-cafe? San Francisco’s Kittea, opening in 2014, will combine the soothing qualities of a tea house with the playfulness of a cat lounge. In this Zen-inspired locale, patrons can immerse themselves in a pot of tea while enjoying the frolics of the felines.  Meanwhile, Montreal cat lovers are practically purring with the recent launch of two cafes whose regular patrons include several cats. Future cat cafe and tea house locations include Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Montreal Cat Cafe

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