June 1 Twist List


June is Iced Tea Month and we are also celebrating Dads and Grads!! Here are my top gift picks in the June Twist List.

Yay to Tea, Dads, and Grads!

1. Hot tea is awesome, but so is Iced Tea. Really, tea in any form is fantastic. So we are celebrating Iced Tea Month. In honor of Iced Tea, I give you the Capresso Iced Tea Maker. This new iced tea maker brews bagged tea or loose leaf tea in minutes, with the pitcher included. You can adjust the brewing strength, add ice and cool, and drink up!

2. Gift Dad with tea this month with the UMPH Manly Tea Gift Pack. Why? Because he’s so awesome! My dad would love this tea set, as any dad would. With three delish loose leaf teas from Adagio for ThinkGeek.com, in flavors such as Man Cave, Lounge Chair Lapsang; and Sugar Daddy, Dad can relax before having to go cut the lawn or fix something you broke.
Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there, and to my Dadu, who is the best!

3. Kikkerland’s Belayed Reaction Tea Infuser for ModCloth is one of the cutest infusers I’ve seen in a while! He climbs up your cup and works tirelessly to deliver you the best tasting-tea- whew. If you’ve got a grad who loves tea, this would be a cute present to go alongside that card o’cash. Congrats and Enjoy!

4. Want a refreshing tea that quenches thirst with out-of-the-box flavors?
Try Cérémonie Tea, Israel’s leading brand of premium tea creators. A husband-and-wife team originally from Washington, DC, they bring their American style of health awareness and entrepreneurial spirit to the traditional realm of tea, merging East and West. With flavors such as lemon verbena, ginger peach and Moroccan mint green, you will be forever happy sipping Cérémonie.

5. Tea Towels are just the most fun. And who wouldn’t love this. Kittehs and kitchen go together like lemon in your tea. This Cat tea towel hails from Fishs Eddy. Keep it in the kitchen for all your toweling needs.

The next Twist List on June 17th will feature all my birthday favorites! Do you have a product that you adore?


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Christine Tarlecki is is a food, beauty, and entertainment writer and tea enthusiast who spends her days off at the beach, reading, writing, or drinking the best tea & enjoying scones she can find at various tea rooms throughout the country. Christine's perfect day would be brunch at a delightful tea house followed by an afternoon of perusing flea markets and yard sales for the perfectly unique tea find.

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