The Twist List for Mid April


The Twist List is a compilation of my favorite, fun items of the moment. They usually involve tea in some form, but not always. I look for items that make me smile or that I’d like to own or give as gifts. It’s tea, with a twist.

  1. In HOMEGROWN TEA: An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting and Blending Teas and Tisanes, Author Cassie Liversidge shows how to plant, grow, and harvest your own tea plants with beautiful illustrations and photographs. Throughout the book, Liversidge outlines the nutritional benefits of each tea, demonstrates how to prepare and optimally brew each tea plant, and instructs on how to properly dry and store tea to last throughout the year. “Growing plants from seeds is an amazing experience and something everyone should do,” says Liversidge.
  2. Game of Thrones Mugs
    Warm up with your tea with this fun and stylish Game of Thrones mug from It doesn’t get much better than drinking tea out of the House of Stark or the House of Targaryen mugs. But, pick your house (and your tea) wisely…
  3. NUMI Flowering Teas
    Packaged in a striking, hand-made, dark mahogany bamboo case, this Gift Set holds a box of Numi’s Enchanted Blossoms Flowering Tea that is filled with handsewn tea leaves and flowers, and a gorgeous 16 oz. glass teapot through which to observe the exotic blooming tea petals. A wonderful Mother’s Day present or a hostess gift!
  4. Mainely Cole’s Kelsey’s Lavender Lotion
    Lavender will soothe you! Stay smooth with Kelsey’s Lavender Lotion from Mainely Cole’s. Created in Maine with lavender essential oils, organic aloe and coconut oil blended with vitamin E, this is a daily treat, and perfect for spring.
  5. Cup-size Tea Filters from finum
    Got loose tea? Make a quick cuppa at your desk or on the go with finum’s cup size tea filters. This package also includes the stylish filter stick to hold up the tea filter for optimum brewing when placed across your cup. Made from abaca pulp and biodegradable, these filters allow your tea leaves to spread out to give you the flavor you love.

What’s your favorite item for spring? Let us know, and you could win Cassie Liversidge’s HOMEGROWN TEA book! Email with TWIST in the subject line, and tell us your favorite spring item!


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Christine Tarlecki is is a food, beauty, and entertainment writer and tea enthusiast who spends her days off at the beach, reading, writing, or drinking the best tea & enjoying scones she can find at various tea rooms throughout the country. Christine's perfect day would be brunch at a delightful tea house followed by an afternoon of perusing flea markets and yard sales for the perfectly unique tea find.

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