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Taking tea with you while traveling is a problem that tea lovers have always struggled with. There are so many kinds of tins on the market and it’s hard to know which option is best. The main goal is to avoid heat, light and moisture. All three of these factors can negatively affect the taste of your tea. Mason jars and other glass containers might look nice but they aren’t the best option because they allow the leaves to be damaged by light.

Traveling Tea Tins

DAVIDsTEA TinDouble lidded tins like this one from David’s Tea are ideal because they are airtight. They come in a rainbow of different shades so you can even color code your collection. The downside is that they are not very easy to clean so they may retain the aroma of your tea long after the last cup is finished. David’s Tea Coloured Tea Tin


The squat shape of Adagio Teas’ tins can make them a bit easier to stash in your luggage. They take the fresh factor a step further with a latching seal. The clear lid is UV protected so you can admire the leaves but long term exposure to artificial light could still be detrimental. They hold up to 4oz of tea so you won’t have to worry about running out in the middle of your trip. Adagio Tea Tins


Painted Flowers CannistersPorcelain tea jars like these painted beauties from Stash Tea feature a rubber ring around the lid that keeps your tea safe and sound. They are a bit more fragile than other options so they might be better for short distance trip where you don’t have to check your bags. Stash Painted Flowers Canister Collection

Bamboo cannisterTea and bamboo have a long, time-honored relationship. It is an inert material so there’s no need to worry about odors changing the taste of your cup. These bamboo canisters from Red Blossom Tea are an eco-friendly and lightweight way to store your leaf. They may not be sturdy as tins made from metal but they certainly are nice to look at. Red Blossom Tea Bamboo Canister

What type of tin do you prefer to use when traveling? Let us know in the comments!


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