What’s Brewing Tonight: The Golden Compass


The Golden Compass takes place in a surreal world in another dimension, set to mimic our own, except for the fact that there are animals inhabited by the souls of humans. A religious power, called the Magisterium, rules this alter dimension. In the story, an orphan, Lyra Belacqua (played by Dakota Blue Richards), is in hiding from the members of this ruling power after witnessing the attempted murder of her uncle by the group. She meets a woman, Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman), and soon discovers that this woman is running the ‘Gobblers’, a group kidnapping Gyptian children. After a confrontation with Mrs. Coulter, Lyra is rescued by a group of Gyptians, and joins them on an expedition to the North, in an attempt to rescue the missing children.

She hires an armoured bear at one of the ports along the way. Named lorek Byrnison, the polar bear was deceived out of his armour by townspeople. Lyra helps him locate his armour, and lorek joins the group in their trek north, where they discover the laboratory holding the missing Gyptian children. In this lab, the bond between the child and his or her ‘soul animal’, or dæmon is cut. But Lyra destroys the machine responsible for this ‘surgery’, and the entire lab goes up in flames. All of the children escape, but are met by an evil army waiting outside. Lorek, along with an army of his own, including witches and Gyptians, arrives and defeats the enemy forces.

The epic ends with Lyra continuing on her own personal quest to find her ‘uncle’, who she has discovered is actually her father, leaving the door wide open for a sequel.

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The Golden Compass

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