What’s Brewing Tonight: Independence Day


There’s no better day to watch Independence Day than this, the 4th of July. With this movie, you have it all: action, romance, aliens, humor…fun for the entire family! The film follows a few leading characters, each with their own story lines. Will Smith plays Captain Steven Hiller, a marine pilot who dreams of entering the NASA space program. Bill Pullman is President Thomas J. Whitmore, a seemingly unsure leader who finally finds his voice near the end of the film. Then we have Jeff Goldblum playing David Levinson, a quirky computer genius trying to reconcile with his estranged wife (who happens to work directly with President Whitmore). They all end up joining together to battle the greatest threat to human existence – an alien invasion. If they win, Independence Day will no longer be an American holiday, it will be the world’s.

Independence Day Movie

As you enjoy this fun flick with your family, make sure to have some flavorful tea in your cup to pair with the intense action and drama. Try Teavana’s Masala Chai Black Tea, full of enough spice to keep you on the edge of your seat. Adagio Tea’s Wuyi Ensemble, a balanced yet complex tea, good for digestion (you may need this after all the popcorn!). Lastly, Harney & Sons’ Kenya Milima is a slightly smoky medium-bodied tea with hints of citrus, clove and pepper, perfect for the aftermath of a near-annihilation by extra-terrestrials.

Independence Day (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation) on IMDb.com


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