What’s Brewing Tonight: Pride & Prejudice


Pride & Prejudice is one of the most romantic novels ever written. Rarely do film versions live up to the expectations of the viewers who’ve read the story previously. However, in this case, I feel the movie brings this story to life in vivid fashion.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of laughing with Elizabeth, dancing with Mr. Darcy, or snickering at the fumbling Mr. Collins, I suggest you brew a cuppa, sit back, and let the Bennet family entertain you.

The Bennet Family - Pride & Prejudice

The story surrounds Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman who cannot fathom her mother’s desire to see herself and her sisters married off to wealthy gentlemen. She shuns the entire idea of whimsical love, until she meets the brooding Mr. Darcy. Fighting the feelings she can’t understand, she finds herself hopelessly embroiled in the class-conscious society surrounding her. At the same time, Mr. Darcy battles his own emotions, for he is a nobleman, and his love for a woman below his class is frowned upon by many.

It’s a delightful adventure, filled with laughter, tears and a love that, in the end, conquers all.

What tea shall we pair with this light love affair? To start, SerendipiTea’s Mademoiselle Grey, classic Earl Grey blended with rose petals. Romance surrounds you with the sweet rose scent. Or perhaps The Republic of Tea’s Spring Cherry Green Full-Leaf. Spring and cherry blossoms, both of which can transform your thoughts to those of love and courtship. Finally, we find Simpson & Vail’s Kashmir Rose, black tea with spicy cardamom balanced with subtle rose notes. Love is in the air.

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