The Daily Tea Birthday Celebration


Monthly birthday celebrations are a treat around here. Gathering together in the “living room” we take a collective break from the day and share a moment together. The candles are blown out as a birthday wish is made, cake is passed around and we all chat. Sharing moments like this is one of the things that makes working at The Daily Tea such a nice experience. Everyone is part of the family.

The birthday celebration yesterday was particularly poignant for me since it was my first birthday celebrated as part of the team. Being a middle child I was often overlooked, and being recognized here really touched my heart. Thanks everyone for adding such a memorable gathering to my special day!

Now, about that cake… It was a lovely chocolate torte with layers of chocolate ganache wedged between layers of chocolate cake. Yummy! The icing and chocolate candies on top made it a beauty I almost didn’t want to cut. But cut it I did, and cake we had! It was delicious.

The sugar sent my heart racing, and I found myself thinking how nicely a pot of tea would complete our mid-afternoon party. Tea, herbal or otherwise, always cleans my palate and counteracts the effects of the sugar in my bloodstream.  After our gathering I found myself sifting through (pun intended) our extensive and varied selection of teas. I finally settled on a loose rooibos with rose petals. It was just what I needed, balancing me very nicely.

I think I’ll bring a pot of tea to the next birthday celebration and add an element to the fun and festivities!

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I never realized just how much tea and tea paraphernalia I had acquired until I started working at The Daily Tea. Now I celebrate a passion I didn't realize I had. Loose, unsmoked yerba mate, brewed in a French press, starts my day. And I've been brewing my own kombucha since 1994! What tea treasures will I discover next?

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