Coffee and Tea Festival 2


As promised, last weekend Dawn, Graham, Susan, Erica and I went to the Coffee and Tea Festival in Oaks, PA.  It was actually more of an expo or trade show than a festival but we all had fun sampling new and different teas and treats. I must say that I wasn’t surprised when there was a long line for cheese around lunchtime.

Dawn Light and Kevin Gascoyne at Coffee and Tea Expo

Dawn & Kevin

There was an interesting collection of coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, beer and baked goods. What a synergistic pairing! I can’t say I was enamored of the coffee porter but I really liked Vino Teano from Capital Teas. It’s an herbal used to infuse wine. Quite tasty!

We got hungry so Dawn and I shared a box of cider donuts and something called Nut Punch which consists of ground nuts pressed into a convenient, pocket-sized barrel shape. We think we’re addicted.

And guess what?! I finally met Kevin Gascoyne, one of our advisory board members, all the way from Canada.

Inventive, crafty and just plain silly paraphernalia lined the booths and I had my first taste of matcha, which was blended on the spot!

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