The French Connection- The Francophile’s Guide to Enjoying Tea


Let’s face it: the French really do seem to know a little something about the art of living well. French women can transform the humblest of ingredients into a feast, look chic on even a limited budget, eat some of the most delectable foods on earth without guilt, and care for themselves, their families and homes with an enviable elegance. No wonder there are so many of us that identify ourselves as Francophiles!

FrancophileThe “je ne sais quoi” of the French lifestyle that we so admire is by definition somewhat elusive. Still, if you look carefully, you’ll notice it’s a culture that emphasizes mindfulness. Simply put, the French pay attention. It matters to them how things look, taste, smell and sound. Even in the midst of a hectic day they invest time and imagination to elevate the ordinary moments of life.

Francophile or not, you can enhance your experience of tea— and life—by spending a few moments each day in the thoughtful preparation and enjoyment of a special tea. Check out our Francophiles Guide to Enjoying Tea for our favorite tips:

The Francophiles Guide to Enjoying Tea

  • Mindfulness: Francophiles take time with things, especially when it comes to what they eat and drink. Selecting and preparing tea is done with thought. Take time to warm the pot, measure the loose tea leaves, inhale the aroma, watch the leaves unfold. Life is not a race. Seeking out new teas and tea experiences is a lifelong journey of discovery.
  • Experience all Five Senses: Tea can be enjoyed for taste and aroma, but it can also soothe, heal and refresh. Take time with the presentation of tea. Served in a favorite cup, set at a carefully laid table, and thoughtfully paired with a small treat, tea time can be an amazing sensory experience. Enjoy it slowly, savor each blend, and appreciate each for its own unique qualities.
  • Luxury without Excess: The French believe that less is more. Excess dulls the senses, so the focus is always on quality rather than quantity. As one of life’s most affordable luxuries, extraordinary teas from around the globe can be savored every day.
  • Take care of yourself: French women not only look good, they take care of themselves. Small indulgences are enjoyed with restraint, healthy meals are prepared fresh and enjoyed slowly, the balance of work and family life are important.
  • Enjoy Life: Francophiles know that life is for living. Simple, quality things are used and enjoyed every day, beauty is valued and moments are savored



Tea first arrived in France in 1636, twenty-two years before being introduced in England. It was first used for medicinal purposes, and later enjoyed by the privileged upper classes. Tea lost popularity after the French Revolution, but is again in vogue throughout France, with dozens of tea salons to be found in Paris alone.

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