What’s Brewing Tonight: Life By The Cup


This weekend, instead of trudging out to the movie theaters, why not settle in and open a good book? Be it a mystery novel, a murder or suspense, a comedy, or a heartfelt romance, you can lose yourself in any story you’d like.

Life By The Cup is the memoir of Zhena Muzyka, a young mother facing some very real obstacles in life. The birth of her son, Sage, was supposed to be a joyous event. But it was soon discovered he was in kidney failure, and needed immediate surgery. While dealing with this emotional roller coaster, her thoughts drifted back to the memories of her grandmother, who faced severe hardship but yet knew only love, never hate. Zhena remembered her grandmother’s stories of life and tea, and she suddenly realized how her love of tea could provide a better life for both her and her son. She had been blending her own teas for years, and now knowing her purpose, created Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Years later, she and her healthy son enjoy life surrounded by the one thing that kept her spirit alive during those darkest moments…tea.

This book is full of inspirational guidance to help us realize we too can make our dreams reality if we believe in ourselves.

The question now remains…what blend will warm your cuppa (and your soul) while enjoying this book? Well, why not start at the source? Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Raspberry Earl is a smooth blend of bergamot and fruity raspberry. Or find your peace with SerendipiTea’s Harmony, an organic blend of apple, honeybush, mango & rose hips. Do you read before bed? Try Runa’s Sage Lavender Guayusa. With the calming properties of lavender, you’ll be relaxed in no time. Enjoy your cuppa, and your weekend!

Learn more about Zhena Muzyka and her book here, and continue to be inspired.





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Erica is the Brand Journalist at The Daily Tea. She is a graphic designer, amateur photographer and avid gardener who enjoys reading a good book while sipping a warm cuppa in the evenings.

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